On the Radio

“Couldn’t Keep Me From You” gets radio play on KSER 90.7 FM

© gabryshak

Thanks to our good friend, Richard Sabol (amazing drummer for the Randy Oxford Band and also known as the “shy wolfman” for his acting debut in a recent video of ours) “Couldn’t Keep Me From You got radio play on KSER 90.7 FM last Thursday, April 18th on Clancy’s Bar & Grill show.

For two weeks after a show has aired, you can go to the KSER website and listen to the jam packed night of great music and interesting conversation. They play James’ song at the end of the 9pm hour and you then have to click on the 10pm slot to hear the ending.

We appreciate the love and support!!


“With the Radio On” Video Release

The “With The Radio On” video is finished! I Love watching it. The joy that I felt in making it splashes out from the screen helping me re-live the fun. I am not exaggerating, it was a blast and the smiles on everyones faces radiate the Joy present. Thank you to Mark Eyer who worked as one of the cameramen and who edited the video with some final touches added by Tonja (gabryshak) Howard. Great job Mark and Tonja. Danny Gadd manned a camera also which was quite a treat given his wealth of talent and professional experience. Thank you to Mary-Jo Pietromonaco and Tonja who also operated video cameras. And a big thank you to all our fun-loving friends who dressed up in crazy outfits and brought it with their dancing and smiles. You really make the video pop! None of this would have happened without Tonja as it was her idea in the first place and she ran with it bringing it to fruition, thank you beautiful girl!!! And of course we must not forget Clay Volz as Elvis, John Halas as Uncle Sam and Richard Sabol as a perfect Wolfman. Finally a thank you to Chewy Lyons for bringing along Cliff and his great sound system and the young rock band “Blasting Love Caps” to play a set at the party.

We look forward to the next video!!