4th of July House Concert, Video Shoot, Potluck & “Into The Open Road” Fundraiser!!

HOSTS: Tonja and James Howard
DETAILS: Many of our friends have encouraged us to hold a 4th of July Celebration at our house on Lake Serene (Snohomish Counties “Best Kept Secret”) where everyone comes to play all day in the sun, decorating their boats and floating docks for parade, and out with all types of toys and gadgets from Polish Golf to Water Trampolines… once the sun sets, candles are released on the lake, signaling everyone to shore for the longest running firework display in Washington, guaranteed! 
“WITH THE RADIO ON” VIDEO: Letting our imaginations run away with us we envisioned this festive atmosphere to be the perfect backdrop to shoot our first videos for the James Howard Band, and WE WANT YOU to be a part of the making – from dressing your part as the most insane party goer, participating as a videographer, assisting in storyboarding, editing, set design… the ideas only as endless as our collective imagination.
The first song we plan on shooting is “With the Radio On” from James’ first album “Electric Rain:”
“With the Radio On”
I got rings on my fingers
I got bells on my toes
I got a ten foot statue of the wolf-man on my patio
The neighbors complain
About all the noise
‘Cause I like to shout and I like it with the Radio on
I got black eyed peas up to my knees
I keep in the bathtub
With a bucket of cheese
I’ve got to lighten up my point of view
‘Cause I like to dance and I like it with the Radio on
The days are longer if you count the night
Clear the way it’s not black or white
I’ll give you color if you give me wine
We’ll sit and listen to the radio to pass the time – (lawn chairs and blankets!)
I got high heel sneakers (mens 9.5)
I wear with my robe
You ain’t seen nothin’ like it since the book of Job
Your orders up give me your cup
‘Cause I like to laugh and I like it with the radio on
I know it sounds crazy I thought it might
I had to be blind to see the light (dark sunglasses)
I never worry about the lawn (let’s fill it with lots of tents and lawn toys, slip n slides and the like!)
‘Cause I like to laugh and I like it with the Radio on
With Radio on…. (repeat and fade)
AMAZING GRACE” VIDEO: The real treat, we hope will be filming James’ soaring emotional ballad “Amazing Grace” just after the candles are let out into the lake and everyone has cleared, imagine a solo performance in the middle of the ethereal candlelight as James performs just offshore, wireless, on a floating dock…

This event is also a celebration for James being chosen as a semi-finalist in Lee Ritenour & Yamaha’s Six String Theory Global Guitar Competition in New Milford, CT which is being held during the week of July 29th – August 3rd. As we gear up for our next all blues CD “Into the Open Road” we are going to be taking three weeks off to drive across country, filming parts of our title track and making connections for a successful launch and tour in 2013. We are routed to drive 7777 miles to CT and back which on a 17.3 mpg our fuel bill alone will be about $1800. We are accepting love donations for our travel expenses from now until we return on August 14th, 2012. Click on the Donate button above to make your contribution and don’t forget to RSVP to [email protected].

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